All riders start and finish in The Prison Yard

#1 Kids (and beginners) Escape

The Kids Escape takes you in and around The Prison. It is a short course of about 2,5 km.

All riders do 30 minutes (boys and girls 4-8 years old) or 60 minutes (others) and the rest of the ongoing lap. Kids above 12 years are welcome to sign up in the male/female beginners category.

The course for the Kids Escape starts and ends in "The Prison".

The Urban Escape and the Marathon Escape ends by taking two laps on The Kids Escape Course.

Specs Kids Escape

#2 Urban Escape

The Urban Prison Break course is 38 km long.

You will escape trough Horsens City. Shopping streets, parks, buildings, the habour and lots more.

The will be two ramps and a few stairs so take care. If you prefer to escape through a less challenging path, there will be chicken runs.

The Urban Escape ends by going two laps on the Kids Escape course.

Specs Urban Escape

#3 Marathon Escape

The Marathon Escape is for the hard core prisoner.

For a successfull escape you need to do 81 km of mountainbiking. Partly in the hilly area around Bjerre.

Watch out! You will pass a prisonsin the terrain (Bjerre Prison). The Marathon Escape contains the entire 38 km of Urban escape and a three laps on the Kids Escape route.

Specs Marathon Escape

Categories #1

- Boys 4-8 years, 30 min.

- Boys 9-12 years, 60 min.

- Girls 4-8 years, 30 min.

- Girls 9-12 years, 60. min.

- Beginners male, 60 min. 

- Beginners female, 60 min.


Categories #2

- Male (10-18 years)

- Female (10-18 years)

- Male

- Male Master (40+)

- Female

- Female Master (40+)

Categories #3

- Male

- Male 40+

- Male 50+

- Female

- Female 40+