Horsens MTB Prison Break 2014

Horsens MTB Prison Break is so much more than a mountain bike race. It´s a fairy tale, it´s a tough fight with yourself and the ones you want to beat. It´s an event in the very heart of the Danish Crime history – with center in one of the most famous prisons in Denmark. A prison, where some of the most notorious criminals in Denmark spent long hard years of their lives.

If you want to survive the race and experience freedom on the outside, you will have to break out of this amazing prison.

The 2014 edition of Horsens MTB Prison Break will last three days starting Friday, September 26th with an Eliminate and Escape Race. On Saturday, September 27th , the Kids Escape and Urban Escape will take place and on Sunday September 28th the event will culminate with the great finale and the famous Marathon Escape, covering more than 80 kilometers of mountain bike trail.

This exiting program makes the Horsens MTB Prison Break a perfect opportunity to bring your family and friends and spent some days in one of Denmark’s most exciting and attractive cities with several nice hotels and restaurants. There are races for kids, for beginners, for experts – races for all kind of Mountain Bike Riders.

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Start rattling those chains and break out before its too late...

TRAILER MTB Prison Break