Specs Marathon Escape

Start: 10:00

Length: 81 km

Elevation: about 1.100 hm

Expected winning time: 3 hours 30 minutes

The Marathon Escape contains all of the Urban Escape. After going the first 10 km of Urban Escape, the Marathon Escape takes you to the rural area south of Horsens. Here you must escape 50 km in the hilly area of Bjerre. Most of the track will be on forrest trails, mainly in Ulstrup (also called Bjerre) Forrest. Get ready for nice single tracks.

The last 25 km of the Marathon Escape equals the last part of the Urban Escape.

See the Marathon Escape in Google Maps here

Go for it! This is the ultimate Escape.

Feed zones
15 km
30 km
45 km
60 km